Monday, June 17, 2024

Guitar Lessons

Take guitar lessons at Esquimalt Music Centre in Victoria BCThe guitar is one of the easiest instruments for the beginner to learn but one of the most difficult to master.  For millions of people, a handful of simple chords is all that is needed to work out how to play many of the popular songs we hear every day. But, at the same time, the guitar offers limitless scope for musical expression to those willing to devote the time and practice for it.

All guitar lessons at the Esquimalt Music Centre are private and tailored to the individual needs of the student.  The first lesson is free, and is designed to help the student find his way around the guitar and to learn how to pick, strum and play a major scale.  (DOH, REY ME FA...) Later on he or she learns how to play the blues scale, play some simple songs and learn how to read tablature - the easy way to read music for both  guitar and bass students alike.

Some exceptions can be made for say a father and son or. two or more friends who would like to learn together .Of course,. this would be be conditional on all players being at the same level of skill.

Guitar and bass lessons are FUN and EASY at Esquimalt Music, because you learn what you want and progress at your own rate.  Call today and make an appointment for your first free session or feel free to call us at (250) 385-2263 for more information.